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- Will all of my programs and devices work with Windows 10?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Probably. However, there are many programs out there. Microsoft has taken great lengths to make Windows 10 compatible with as many programs and devices out there.
For programs, if your program ran on Windows 8, more than likely it will run on Windows 10. Some common business programs that do run on Windows 10, in my personal experience: Quickbooks 2015+, Microsoft Office 2007 and later, and Adobe Acrobat. If you are not using the Managed Antivirus solution from Divens Custom Data, you may have to upgrade your antivirus solution to the newest version. If you are using Managed Antivirus, you will be fine.
For devices: Here is where it gets tricky. Printers and scanners are notorious for not working after a Windows upgrade. So far, I have been able to find a workable solution to most printers and scanners, but this is one area where you may see some downtime. If you have an older printer, copier, scanner, you are at more risk that the device will not have software that will work with Windows 10.

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